MFTD Waiver Families

Support for families of children in the Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Waiver

Update on Reimbursement Cuts

We have begun multiple campaigns against reimbursement cuts, including calls/emails to the governor and legislators, and joining with other groups to form coalitions. See more on the Advocacy Page.

Today the three providers of DME ventilator and other respiratory services to MFTD kids are releasing a statement calling for exemption of certain critical medical technologies (such as ventilators and supplies) from the reimbursement cuts. Read their statement here

We have also been informed of the following:

  • 8 nursing agencies will no longer be taking new pediatric Medicaid cases
  • At least 5 agencies have already cut nurse pay
  • About 10% of families have already lost nurses or been notified a nurse will be leaving in the near future
  • We have identified two children who have been unable to be discharged from the hospital because no nursing agencies will take them
  • The two primary mobility dealers, who provide wheelchairs and beds, will no longer provide service to Medicaid children during the months of May and June

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