MFTD Waiver Families

Support for families of children in the Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Waiver

Agencies, Equipment, and Medical Care

This page lists currently approved nursing agencies, respite care centers, and equipment suppliers.

Nursing Agencies

agency phone number service area
 Advantage Nursing Services  866-383-3535 Entire state 
 American Home Health  630-236-3501 Chicago and suburbs 
 Amidei Nursing Registry  815-356-8400 Northern Illinois
 Anchor Home Health  217-726-7272 Downstate
 Awakened Alternatives  708-748-1520 Chicago and suburbs 
 BrightStar Care  708-226-5100 Cook and Will counties
 Castor Home Nursing  815-564-0977 Northwest Illinois
 Continuum Pediatrics  847-925-5260 Chicago and suburbs 
 Everest Healthcare Solutions  630-405-7244 Chicago and Suburbs
 Gaffey Health Services  815-625-5575 Northwest Illinois
 Genesis Healthcare ON HOLD 815-625-1115 Northwest Illinois
 Great Paragon Healthcare  312-961-9461 Chicago and Suburbs
 Health Force  708-424-7800 Chicago and suburbs 
 Home Staff  773-467-6002 Chicago and suburbs 
 Independence Plus  708-366-4500 Chicago and suburbs 
 Ingalls Private Duty Nursing  708-331-1220 Chicago and suburbs
 Interim Healthcare  630-359-6660 Chicago and suburbs
 Kingsway Home Health Services  773-761-8342 Chicago and suburbs
 Lexington Private Care Services NO NEW CASES 630-748-3700 Chicago and suburbs
 Maxim Healthcare  708-459-9121  Entire state
 MCC Home Health  708-581-7700 Chicago suburbs
 My Life  630-462-6700 Chicago and suburbs
 Nightingale Nursing Services/PRN Healthcare  800-729-6862 Downstate
 Novacare Services 708-223-4667 Chicago and suburbs
 Nursepower ON HOLD 708-424-5222 Chicago and suburbs
 Peko Healthcare  708-539-9014 Chicago and suburbs
 Phoenix Home Care  618-726-2318 Chicago and suburbs
 Preferred Home Health Care  309-932-3000 Downstate
 PSA Healthcare  708-429-5551 Chicago and suburbs
 Reliable ON HOLD 708-283-8538 Chicago and suburbs
 Reliance Home Health Care  708-213-7976 Chicago and suburbs
 Rescare Home Care  866-737-2273 Entire state
 Shay Healthcare Services NO NEW CASES 708-535-4300 Chicago and suburbs
 Shiloh Healthcare Services  773-453-9676 Chicago and suburbs
 Solid Source Healthcare  815-324-9396 Chicago and suburbs
 UC-Cares Home Health  630-225-7231 Chicago and suburbs
 Vintage Healthcare Services ON HOLD 630-517-0191 Chicago and suburbs

Respite Facilities

DME Companies

Advocate Homecare630-516-3100Chicagolandnoyesyesyes
American Homepatient309-691-7200Entire Statenoyesyesno
Apria800-277-4288Entire Statenoyesyesno
BJC Home Care Services314-953-2000St. Louis areayesyesyesyes
Carle Medical Supply217-383-3311Downstatenoyesnono
Coram/CVS800-267-2642Entire Statenonoyesyes
Denman Services217-224-9164Downstatenoyesyesno
DMH Medical Equipment217-876-4040Decatur Areanoyesyesno
Genesis Home Medical309-281-2400Quad Cities noyesnono
Homecare Advantage815-234-4602East Central IL noyesnono
Independence Plus708-366-4400Chicagolandyesyesyesno
Integra Healthcare630-834-3700Chicagolandyesyesyesno
Integrated Homecare 815-227-0202Rockford areayesyesyesno
IV Care LLC618-398-8069Downstateyesyesyesyes
Lincare630-850-7296Entire Stateyesyesyesyes
Med W Respiratory314-993-8100St. Louis Areanoyesyesno
Memorial Home Services800-582-8667Central ILyesyesyesyes
Optioncare866-827-8203Entire Statenonoyesyes
OSF HME309-683-7700Peoria Areayesyesyesyes
Preferred Home Health309-932-3000Downstateyesyesyesyes
Provider Plus618-222-8800St. Louis Areanoyesyesno
Total Home Health 800-834-4234Chicagoland and Central ILyesyesyesno
VNA Rockford815-971-3330Northern ILnoyesyesno
Vono Med Supplies217-522-2403Springfieldnoyesyesno