MFTD Waiver Families

Support for families of children in the Medically Fragile, Technology Dependent Waiver

NPCS Families Losing Nursing

We have been informed that almost all children receiving home nursing through the NPCS program who have been evaluated by the outside agency (Kepro) have had their home nursing hours eliminated. The vast majority of these children receive financially-based Medicaid and are children with medical needs whose needs are not great enough to qualify for the MFTD waiver. 

We would like to assist these families in any way possible. We recommend the following:

1) Submit a letter of intent to appeal within 10 days of receipt of your denial letter. If you submit an appeal within 10 days, you retain your current hours until the appeal has been heard and decided. Send your letter by certified mail to Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Assistance Hearings, 401 S. Clinton, 6th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60607. All you need to say in the letter is your child's name, that you disagree with the decision, and you intend to appeal the decision.

2) Save your denial letter and the envelope it came in.

3) Contact us at to get access to our appeal information. 

4) We will be helping to organize families. If the pattern we are currently seeing continues, we will help organize families to pursue legal action against the state.

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